A Portland Photography Archive 

A complete archive of pictures compiled by geoff Kirby

Welcome to a unique Portland Museum Picture Archive. This is a page-for-page archive of Geoff Kirby's wonderful "Exploring Portland" website, which Geoff built from scratch and by-hand over many many years.

The full content of which has been kindly donated by Geoff and we have kept it in exactly the format Geoff laid out. We hope you have fun exploring and marvelling at Geoff's handiwork, and mostly enjoying the incredible archive of images through the decades (centuries!).

Geoff's web site which contains maps, stories, history, advice and many hundreds of photographs, both modern and old, to help you explore Portland in Dorset - The Jewel in the Jurassic Coast. The website contains around 2,000 pictures of Portland new and old along with many local stories, descriptions of unusual places to explore and much on Portland’s remarkable and unique history.

The information in the website has largely been taken from Stuart Morris’s excellent books; in particular ‘Portland - An Illustrated History’. Also Ashley Smith’s comprehensive ‘Portland History’ website which can be reached here as well as many other books and websites listed here.

You may also be interested in the archive Geoff created of pre-1945 Portland photographs collected from members of the public during the "Steps In Time Images Project" which was active about a decade ago. Well over three thousand pictures have been archived for posterity. In addition this archive also contains Geoff's Nothe Fort site.

Please have fun exploring, searching these fabulous and evocative pictures of the Places (and the People - check the section for surnames!) of our incredible island.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the site or the images!

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