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Cliffs East of Southwell

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69069502LRThis area includes a part of the East Weares Coastal Path. This descends from the main road along the track which enters the red area near the top left-hand corner in the aerial picture and which can be traced through the roughly quarried cliff top.

The nondescript disused Sheat Quarry runs to the west of this path.

Another track runs down from the main Southwell to Portland Bill road starting next to the sewerage pumping station, see next area west.

The view from this coastal path along the cliffs to the east is magnificent - stretching from the nearby cliffs of Portland all the way along the Dorset coast past Ringstead Bay, Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove, Worbarrow and ending at St Aldhelm's Head.

When atmospheric conditions are right, the highest point of the Isle of Wight can be seen from here some 50 miles (80 kms) distant.

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This impressively massive block of stone has fallen from the cliffs to the east of Southwell at grid location SY691698. It is extremely dangerous to climb down to get to this point. My son Dave was photographed in August 1989 showing the huge size of this fallen block of stone.



This long abandoned quarry is south-east of Southwell and forms a dead-end into the cliffs.





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